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Deia – a relaxing break from the bustle of modern life

The beautiful island of Mallorca has been attracting tourists for decades because of its dramatic scenery and warm climate, and Deia, situated on the Serra de Tramuntana- is no exception. Tourism to the town truly began after the First World War, with British, American and German expats drawn to the lush scenery. With maximum temperatures reaching 26窶僂 in July and August, the town is a perfect summer getaway for those looking for a relaxing break from the bustle of modern life.

Deiテ: Literary and Musical Heritage

The incomparable physical beauty of Deiテ, a small coastal village on the island of Mallorca, is a fact that can窶冲 be argued by anybody who is lucky enough to have stayed there. But equally attractive to visitors is the village窶冱 rich literary and musical heritage. For over a hundred years, writers and musicians have recognised the poetic qualities of the landscape and chosen to make their holidays at Deiテ 窶 or even to settle there.