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The Adventurer’s Guide to Discovering Mallorca

Ah, Mallorca. From its stunning landscape vistas to its rich heritage, this Mediterranean paradise really has it all. But once you’re done soaking up that glorious sun and seeing all the sights the island has to offer, you may start craving a little adventure. After all, holidays are all about new experiences, and Mallorca offers that in spades. Follow in the footsteps of these great adventurers, and see Mallorca from a new angle with our handy guide.

Visit the most beautiful regions of South-West Mallorca; Deia, Andratx and Portals

The South-West of Mallorca is popular with holiday-makers as it has the highest number of sun-drenched days on the whole of the island, and it窶冱 also within easy reach of the capital and Mallorca窶冱 main airport.

You窶冤l find neverending sandy beaches backed by gorgeous coves and mountains full of stunning rock formations while the towns have enough shops, markets, boutiques and places to eat to keep everyone happy.

top 10 winter holiday destinations

It窶冱 that time of year when you start to fiddle with the boiler again, the summer tan has completely faded and those poolside cocktails are all but a distant memory, but if you窶决e not quite ready to be surgically attached to your jumper just yet then why not head off somewhere for a bit of winter sunshine? We窶况e rounded up some of our favourite winter holiday destinations that will simply feel like worlds away from the gloomy British Isles and will be sure to put a smile back on that grumpy face.

Deia – a relaxing break from the bustle of modern life

The beautiful island of Mallorca has been attracting tourists for decades because of its dramatic scenery and warm climate, and Deia, situated on the Serra de Tramuntana- is no exception. Tourism to the town truly began after the First World War, with British, American and German expats drawn to the lush scenery. With maximum temperatures reaching 26窶僂 in July and August, the town is a perfect summer getaway for those looking for a relaxing break from the bustle of modern life.

Deiテ: Literary and Musical Heritage

The incomparable physical beauty of Deiテ, a small coastal village on the island of Mallorca, is a fact that can窶冲 be argued by anybody who is lucky enough to have stayed there. But equally attractive to visitors is the village窶冱 rich literary and musical heritage. For over a hundred years, writers and musicians have recognised the poetic qualities of the landscape and chosen to make their holidays at Deiテ 窶 or even to settle there.

Thailand and The Beach by Alex Garland

Thailand. They call it the Land of the Smiles. A country famous for its Buddhist temples, beautiful cuisine and those wonderfully exotic beaches. Pristine paradises hidden far from the bustling capital of Bangkok.

It was these shores, shrouded from tourists, that Leonardo DiCaprio searched for in the film version of Alex Garland’s The Beach. If there’s a paradise on Earth, you’ll find it in the stunning scenery of Thailand. Here are our top five facts about The Beach.

Koh Samui Culture 窶 Songkaran

Though there is enough to keep anyone entertained all year round on the picturesque island of Kho Samui, some special days are more special than others and Songkaran is just such an occasion, featuring two unique and special events quite unlike any you may have seen before. Songkaran is also a great time to be a tourist on the island, as the Thai窶冱 already friendly demeanour is heightened by the festivities.