Come Together & Celebrate in Style with Villa Retreats

So you’ve decided on a location and you’ve finally got everyone to agree on a date (completing that task in itself usually deserves a holiday!), now it’s time to decide how to make your celebratory get -together so spectacular that your fellow celebrators will be celebrating your own organising brilliance for years to come!


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The Sun is Still Shining for Villa Retreats!

So the traditional β€œsummer” (if we can call it that!) is over, and with it comes the thought of long, cold nights, miserable rain and layering up to avoid the harsh elements of a UK winter. You may be thinking you should put away thoughts of lazing by the swimming pool, strolling along a beautiful sun-kissed beach and al-fresco dining under clear starry skies for another year, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Thailand and The Beach by Alex Garland

Thailand. They call it the Land of the Smiles. A country famous for its Buddhist temples, beautiful cuisine and those wonderfully exotic beaches. Pristine paradises hidden far from the bustling capital of Bangkok.

It was these shores, shrouded from tourists, that Leonardo DiCaprio searched for in the film version of Alex Garland’s The Beach. If there’s a paradise on Earth, you’ll find it in the stunning scenery of Thailand. Here are our top five facts about The Beach.

Koh Samui Culture – Songkaran

Though there is enough to keep anyone entertained all year round on the picturesque island of Kho Samui, some special days are more special than others and Songkaran is just such an occasion, featuring two unique and special events quite unlike any you may have seen before. Songkaran is also a great time to be a tourist on the island, as the Thai’s already friendly demeanour is heightened by the festivities.

Koh Samui weather

It’s Thailand’s second-largest island, situated in-between approximately 60 other islands which make up the Ang Thong Marine National Park. If white sand, coral reefs and coconuts aren’t enough, Koh Samui provides a wealth of activities to keep you entertained, from off-road driving through the jungle to learning Thai boxing.

So, when visiting one of the most exquisite gems the world has to offer, you’re going to have a great time no matter what. Samui, is simply put, stunning.

Things to see and do in Koh Samui you won’t see anywhere else in the world

A beautiful drop in the Gulf of Thailand, just an 80 minute flight away from Bangkok, Koh Samui (often referred to simply as β€œSamui” by the locals) is Thailand’s 2nd largest island after Phuket.  Historically, Koh Samui has always been an isolated self-sufficient community with little connection to mainland Thailand; it didn’t even have any roads until the 1970’s!  Nowadays it’s a tourist hotspot and known for its coconut and rubber exports.  But what makes Koh Samui unique?

Koh Samui Cuisine

Koh Samui has so much to offer; landscapes you won’t see anywhere else on Earth, a population amongst the most friendly on Earth, and cuisine better than you’ll taste anywhere else on Earth…