How To Combat Winter Blues

Winter is approaching, but don’t let the dark nights make you blue.  From a break in the sun to a diet overhaul, you don’t have to let winter get you down.  Here are our handy hints to combat winter blues.

Make the most of the daylight hours

Autumn Walk

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In the Winter, the reduced daylight hours can affect your mood.  You get up, head out to the office and return home. All in the dark.

Get outside in the daylight as often as you can. Wrap up warm and go for a lunchtime walk. At the weekend, head-out for a winter hike or a walk on the coast.

Clear your head and burn off calories at the same time. Resist the temptation to stay indoors. Give your wellbeing a boost by getting active.

Give your diet a winter boost

Somerville Winter Market, 1/8/2011

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It’s cold, it’s dark and the temptation is there to hit the biscuit tin.  Beat your winter cravings and that post-binge guilt. Make sure that you get the vitamins and nutrients that you need.

Go for salmon and lean meats to give you healthy protein, giving your energy levels a boost.  Snack on nuts and dried fruit to give you a dose of essential vitamins and minerals. Soup is the perfect winter food.  Make it full of vegetables and pulses, go easy on the dairy and you’ll have the ideal winter fuel. 

Escape to the sun

We asked 100 people what they thought the best cure for Winter Blues was. 47% said take a holiday.

Catedral de Palma de Mallorca

Photo courtesy of Piutus(CC Attribution)

What could be better for combating the winter blues than a holiday? You don’t have to go long-haul to get the winter sun. Did you know that Mallorca has an average of at least 6 hours’ daily sunshine over the winter months?

From sweeping beaches and cosmopolitan resorts to the Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca has it all.  Take a chic winter city break to Palma where you’ll find history, shopping and glorious beaches on your doorstep.  Or head to beautiful Pollensa, in the north, where you’ll find a taste of real Mallorca.  What could be better than a relaxing sunshine break, when it’s cold and dreary at home?

Fight off the bugs

With winter comes the colds and viruses that can make us miserable. Keep your hands clean. Viruses can enter your system through the membranes in your eyes and nose, so keep those hands away!

If you start with a cold, studies have shown that moderate exercise can reduce its severity and length. Don’t chill-out in your pyjamas, get out there and go for a short run or a brisk walk. 

Recharge your social life

Set yourself a challenge of starting up a new interest over the winter months.   Take a short course, join a sports team or even tackle the local pub quiz with friends.    Resist the temptation to flop in front of the TV. Get out there, meet new people and put the buzz back into your social life.

Fight off those winter blues. Look after your diet, exercise regularly and take in some winter sun. It’ll be spring again before you know it.

How do you combat Winter Blues?

Do you take up a new hobby, go for a walk in the park, or escape to a Winter retreat? Or something completely different? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook.

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