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The Greek Islands

Luxury villas in the Greek Islands are a dream holiday choice, not just in the summer, but also in spring and autumn when the sun is not so strong, but the azure Aegean and Ionian Seas still sparkle against sandy shores and reflect off pure white houses.

Our luxury villas in the Greek Islands are in both the Aegean and Ionian seas. Islands such as Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos are in the Ionian Sea to the west of mainland Greece. Here, the landscape is lush and green and our luxury villas in the Greek Islands are nestled in both shady country locations and overlooking beaches. Corfu is especially popular with British visitors and has many memories of times when it was a principal base for the Royal Navy – there is even a thriving cricket club in Corfu Town!

The luxury villas in the Greek Islands of the Aegean have a different atmosphere; here you are virtually guaranteed sunshine and there is less vegetation, but this highlights the stark beauty of the white houses and windmills. There are also sea breezes to take away the heat of the sun, but do take care, it is always strong! We have luxury villas on the Greek Islands of Mykonos, stylish and trendy, Hydra where there is no motorised traffic, Paros, Antiparos and more.


The beautiful island of Hydra is just 37 miles from Athens and is known as a stylish retreat, with its refurbished mansions and easy charm. There are no motor vehicles or even bicycles on Hydra and when you land, your luggage is transported to your luxury villa by donkey. The island became a haunt of artists in the latter half of the last century and still retains its attraction. Villa Retreats has just one luxury villa on Hydra, so availability can be tight in the high season. However, this is a delightful house on a delightful island, both perhaps better appreciated before the summer crowds arrive or after they have diminished. Truly an individual villa rental option.


Mykonos is perhaps the most famous among the Greek islands. A long time has passed since the ‘60s, when Aristotle Onassis and his famous friends used to stroll down the labyrinth streets of the town. Yet the island carries its glamorous reputation with undeniable charm. The locals have managed to create a hugely entertaining place without losing their Greek identity. The picture perfect sceneries are complimented by a wide range of upscale bars and restaurants to create an ideal holiday haven. The stark white cubic houses, crystal clear waters and all-night parties attract a mix of jet-setters, fashionistas and celebrities that have made this small island one of the most popular destinations in the world.

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Corfu is probably the most famous island of the Ionian complex. It is a sophisticated island that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The natural beauty, beautiful beaches and vivid nightlife have made Corfu one of the most sought-after destinations in the Mediterranean. The “beautiful and rich land” of Homer is a paradise of poetic landscapes and culture. Its strategic position made the island vulnerable to foreign conquestors. As a result, a blend of the Venetian, British and French cultures was integrated to the Greek identity. These western influences are prominent in the island’s architecture. The town seems like a fresco painting that has come to life. Liston’s elegant arcades hang over the marble paved square where the locals gather for a cup of coffee or a drink. The old town with its special design and quiet, narrow roads is the biggest preserved medieval town in Greece. Corfu also offers vast options for entertainment, with candlelit restaurants, romantic bars and vibrant nightclubs covering all tastes and styles.

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Santorini’s picture-perfect sceneries have made it one of the most photographed islands of the world. The surreal landscape is the result of a huge volcanic eruption that took place 3.500 years ago. The eruption caused three quarters of the island to sink and created what later became the island’s showpiece caldera. Even the beaches are part of the fairytale scenery, taking their names from the colors of the cliffs that hang above them. Still watched over by the smoldering volcano, the amphitheatrically built houses of the caldera attract thousands of visitors every year. Despite its rapid touristic development, the island has maintained its character. Candlelit cafés and a vibrant nightlife compliment the dreamlike setting of the caldera at Fira, the town of Santorini. Picturesque villages such as Perissa, Imerovigli and Perivolos are scattered all over the island, while visitors gather at Oia to enjoy Santorini’s famous sunsets.

View our selection of villas in Santorini.


Antiparos is a beautiful small island located at the heart of the Cyclades complex, very close to the known isle of Paros. Scattered churches, stark white houses and a variety of beautiful beaches made Antiparos a very popular day trip destination. Yet the visitors were captivated by the serene landscapes and easy-going atmosphere and overtime, the island gained a reputation as an alternative vacation haven. The main village is a charming, friendly place, built around an imposing Enetic castle. The waterfront is quite busy, yet the streets run deep inland, leading to quiet alleys with flower filled houses. Attracting more sophisticated crowds, Antiparos is the ideal destination for those who wish to escape from the mainstream but still enjoy the peaceful landscapes and laid back lifestyle of the islands.

View our selection of villas in Antiparos.


Located at the heart of the Cyclades complex, Paros is one of the most popular Greek islands. From the seaside plots with their stark white Cycladic houses to the picturesque villages that hide in the mountains, Paros offers a variety in landscape. Its exceptional natural beauty, vast sandy beaches and impressive landscapes are combined with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The capital, Paroikia, welcomes the visitors with a pleasant buzz of travelers and locals that crowd the harbor. A few steps away, the white-washed alleys of the old town wind up all the way to the Venetian castle. The cosmopolitan town of Naoussa is a picturesque former fishermen village, with a nightlife that rivals the one of Mykonos. Paros is also one of the most famous windsurfing destinations of Europe, hosting windsurfing competitions every summer.

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