5 great reasons to head to the Costa del Sol

June 5th, 2015 in Our Favourites

The Costa del Sol seems to be the archetypal tourist destination, and indeed, if there’s anything that has deterred people from soaking up its charms, it may simply be fears of it being too obvious a choice.

In truth, though, even if you visit the Sunshine Coast every year, there’s always something new to savour – not least the choice of luxury villas in the Costa del Sol that we can unlock the doors to here at Villa Retreats.



To get you back in that Costa del Sol state of mind, here are five excellent reasons to board the plane and book our sumptuous holiday accommodation.


1. A British ‘home from home’


When generations of Brits have felt the need to leave behind the drizzle and catch some rays, they have so often chosen the Costa del Sol, simply because they don’t feel so comfortable anywhere else.


Us Brits been coming here in big numbers for 60 years now, and with 300,000 expats also living here, you’re almost always within earshot of someone with a British accent.


2. Truly superior beaches


You’d expect any part of the world with a 161-kilometre coastline to have a decent beach or two, and sure enough, the Costa del Sol is positively festooned with Blue Flag beaches.


From Puerto Banus to El Cristo, there are so many varied beaches across the region, and they each offer something a little different.


3. Unrivalled gastronomy


The Costa del Sol shares with wider AndalucĂ­a certain Spanish, Jewish and Arabic influences on its native cuisine, with seafood especially prominent.


Help yourself to some refreshing gazpacho soup consisting of such ingredients as raw tomatoes, cucumber and onions, or request a tortilla, a Spanish omelette that is made from potatoes and served cold, perhaps accompanied by a plate of dry-cured ham and a glass of sherry.


4. A gateway to wider AndalucĂ­a


Costa del Sol can be your portal into the entire Andalucian region, with its whitewashed hillside villages – known as pueblo blancos – and five-star city break destinations like Seville and Granada.


It’s all so easily accessible from one of our luxury villas in the Costa del Sol.


5. It’s the Sunshine Coast


Quite literally, the name Costa del Sol translates as ‘Sun Coast’ or ‘Coast of the Sun’, and if you’re going by that billing, it won’t let you down.


There aren’t too many other parts of the world that can give you about 320 days of sunshine every year – certainly few that are as easy to reach as the Costa del Sol.


It’s one more reason to enquire about the carefully handpicked luxury villas in the Costa del Sol of Villa Retreats, so that you can pick the perfect one for you.