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Tips On Being An Environmentally Responsible Holidaymaker

January 20th, 2020 in Uncategorized

As we move into 2020, it’s impossible to escape news about global warming and its effect on our planet.

If cancelling your holiday plans and staying home simply isn’t an option but you still want to do ‘the right thing’ wherever possible to reduce your impact, what steps can you take?

Here’ we’ve put together a list of a few of actions you can take. Whilst you are unlikely to change the world on your own, if everyone committed to these small things, the change would be very significant.

Fly Direct

Fly direct wherever possible instead of connecting indirect services which is far less efficient. Although it is rarely the least expensive way to do things, Flying direct reduces your impact in many ways.

Choose Your Airline Carefully

Make your choice of airline a deliberate and considered one. A little online research will give you a very good idea which ones are leading the way in environmentally sustainable travel.

Travel Light

When flying, more weight means more fuel. So the lighter you travel, the more you reduce your carbon footprint.

Drink Without Plastic

When you are travelling, grabbing a quick coffee or even a drink of water lead to a plastic cup, bottle or straw. Check first and make a clear choice to use the café that uses real cups or sells glass bottles.  And always say no to straws, if they are plastic.

Drink the local beer on your villa holiday

Choose A Beer From Near

This one is so easily overlooked but the impact is significant. Buy beer or other drinks at the bar that are brewed or distilled as locally as possible.

It’s so easy to automatically go for the brands we know and recognize, even if they have been shipped in form the other side of the world. When you think about it, sitting on a beach in the Caribbean drinking beer that was brewed in Belgium just can’t make any environmental sense.

Reusable Water Bottles

When you go out to the beach or on any other trip or adventure, take reusable water bottles.
Steel Bottles are increasingly easy to find and are both light and durable.

Providing the tap water is drinkable, fill them up and leave them in the fridge overnight before you leave and you’ll enjoy ice cold water.

Shop Smart

Buy locally grown produce wherever you can, you’ll be keeping the carbon footprint low and supporting the local economy. When you visit the local shop or supermarket, carefully select products according to their packaging, steering away from anything cocooned in plastic.

Always take your own bags when you go shopping. Drop a couple of ‘bags for life’ into your suitcase before you leave home and you will be well prepared.

As well as carrying the shopping home, you will find they are very handy for carrying towels, books, snack and toys down to the beach too.

shop locally on your villla holiday

Keep It Local

Aside from buying locally grown food, try to support the local community in any way you can. If you hire a guide or book any activities or adventures, reassure yourself on their connection and commitment to the local community before you commit.

Use public Transport

Think about ditching the hire car and hopping on the bus or train. In most places, public transport is far more reliable and affordable than in the UK. Plus getting on a bus or train with the locals is a great way to get to know the real country and its people.

eat healthy on your villa holiday

Eat More Plants

A vegan diet is high on the list of ways to reduce your personal environmental impact. But changing your diet completely may not be entirely necessary or part of your holiday plans. Shifting the balance of your meals so they have less meat and more fruit and vegetables than unusual, will still make a difference. You could even try the occasional ‘vegan night’.

Who knows?  You may enjoy it so much that you decide to become a full-time vegan.