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The Big Holiday Question: Hotel Or Villa?

January 17th, 2020 in Uncategorized

One of the burning questions which has to be answered early in the holiday planning process is whether to opt for the lavish decadence of a hotel or the tranquil relaxation of luxury villa. Here, we look at the pros and cons of both options and see how they compare.


A villa holiday can be much more affordable

Choosing to stay in a luxury villa can often be a more affordable option than opting for a hotel which offers the same standard of accommodation/facilities. And the larger the party, the more the overall affordability mounts up.

Also, a villa holiday is usually free from hidden additional costs unlike a hotel bill which, at the end of a busy trip, rarely comes without a list of unexpected additional costs.


A villa will usually prove to be a more flexible option for you and your party.

You will be able to choose when to eat, when to use the pool and when to keep the noise down. When to eat outside and when to eat in.

This flexibility can be particularly appealing when there are children or teenagers in your group. Staying in your own villa, it is much easier to allow children to simply ‘be children’. They can play, run-around, laugh, make noise and all without fear of upsetting other guests.

You can set your own rules on noise, bed times and when it is acceptable to use the pool.

Swimming after sunset, in a pool twinkling with under water lighting is a truly wonderful experience, for both adults and children. But sadly, not an experience you will often be allowed to enjoy in a hotel pool.

Privacy & Tranquillity

a villa can be much more affordable than a hotel

In your own villa, you can be yourself, without worrying what others think. You will find it far easier to find the peace and relaxation you are looking for without having to get up early to lay your towels over a fight for a sunbed or bundle up all the children’s toys and carry them back to your room several times a day.


on a villa holiday you cna eat what YOU like

Okay, it is wonderful to not have to cook, wash up or wait-on for a change, which can be a major draw for certain members of the family/group. However, a villa provides more flexibility than most hotels when it comes to meal times and often even more choice of meals.

Healthier and lighter meals can be easier to access/prepare in your own villa and a finding a mid-afternoon snack or late-night treat for the kids is much more straightforward.

Of course, the burden of cooking and washing up can be reduced on a villa holiday by sharing the workload and by taking advantage of external catering options, particularly for any celebratory meals or events.


on a villa holiday you cna eat what YOU like

It is true, a luxury hotel is likely to give you access to great facilities like a pool, gym, sauna etc. However, if you know precisely what facilities you are looking for, you should be able to find something that suits you and your group perfectly in a carefully chosen villa.

From tennis courts and a gym to a games room and a home-cinema, there are villas available with all kinds of amazing facilities. And of course, when you find the perfect villa, with just the right facilities for you, you won’t have to share them with other guests. So you won’t find yourselves having to book the tennis court in advance or waiting for a turn on the treadmill.

For most of our villas, we have sourced gyms, golf, tennis, sorts training, yoga, sup, surfing which offer even better than the hotels offer.

Often hotel facilities are often small, crowded, badly equipped, poorly maintained or simply worn out due to their high levels of daily usage.

Never underestimate the impact of simple facilities like a washing machine which can significantly contribute to making a villa stand out over a hotel. When holidaying with children, a washing machine is worth its weight in gold and can significantly reduce the amount of clothing you need to pack as well as taking the drama out of any unforeseen spillage or accident.

If you have toddlers or small children in your party, a villa will often provide better facilities. Highchairs, Cots and stair gates. Check out our ‘Baby Comes Too’ offer to find out more about this all-important provision for families.

Internet Access

A villa holiday can be much more affordable

Whether you need Wifi access for work, to stream movies for the children, to keep teenagers in touch with their friends, or just to research each new-day’s adventure whilst you are on your holiday, it’s hard to argue against its importance these days.

There was a time when booking a hotel would guarantee you WiFi, whereas a villa was unlikely to be WiFi enabled. Those days are well and truly gone.

Although it is always important to check carefully before you book, the vast majority of villas have very good WiFi access and, once again, as you won’t have to share it with hundreds of other data-hungry holiday makers, the bandwidth is all yours.


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