Menorca – a peaceful alternative to the usual Balearic Islands

August 26th, 2015 in Menorca

When holiday companies, travel writers and ‘normal’ people alike talk about sun-drenched Mediterranean destinations, they so often focus on the higher profile Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. It’s much less common for Menorca to be referred to, which might be partly attributable to its modest proportions – its name literally meaning “smaller island”.


Why else do people not talk about Menorca as much as its sisters? Well, it’s very simple, really – this is the Balearic Island of choice for those seeking a much sleepier and more relaxed way of life, a sedate world characterised by low-key, sea-splashed cities, white-sand bays, endless dry-stone walls and rolling fields.


Why else do you think, here at Villa Retreats, we enable our clients to rent villas in Menorca with pools? Yes, that’s right… you could be feeling the sun beating down on your increasingly-bronzed skin from the vantage point of an infinity pool outside a stunning villa with beautiful views over Mahon harbour. Or how about pausing between laps to enjoy panoramic vistas across Menorca‚Äôs eastern triangle between Binibeca and Punta Prima?


Rent a villa with our passionate Menorca travel experts here at Villa Retreats, and if you can possibly tear yourself out of the water, you could also make a leisurely journey to unspoilt local towns such as Es Mercadel or Alaoir, or take in any number of this 695.7 square kilometre island’s tranquil coastal resorts.


The frank fact of the matter is that Menorca is delectable, and it only keeps on getting better, whichever side of this precious isle you head to. While the hardcore revellers over in Ibiza or Majorca party ’til dawn, over in pretty Menorca, you’ll feel a million miles away, exploring quiet coves, hitting the countryside walking trails or marvelling at prehistoric relics.


But if you do want to up the pace a little, don’t worry – you don’t need to force yourself into the company of the 18-35 crowd living life at a million miles an hour. Instead, take the time to sample high-class wine bars, gorgeous eateries and prestigious boutiques in the island’s two cities of Mahon and Ciudadela. Really, whether it’s shopping, food and drink, nightlife or simply doing starfish impressions upon golden sands that most interests you, Menorca has it all for the traveller who’s wondering why everyone else has to move so damn fast.


Even better, is that it can be all yours with Villa Retreats. Simply take a look at our latest deals for Menorca villas with swimming pools, and once you arrive in this delightful part of the Mediterranean, we promise that you will never want to leave.