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Holiday Sun Safety Tips For Parents & Children

June 12th, 2019 in Uncategorized

We all love warmth the sun. But no one loves it more than children. The fun and games that the combination of sunshine, sand and water allow, make for many of our best childhood memories. But how do you make sure you children stay protected from the sun ‘s harmful rays whilst still enjoying those long sunny day on the beach or by the pool?

Below are a few basic pointers to remember whilst you are on your next holiday.

  1. Timing

Avoiding the midday sun on your villa holiday

Avoid the midday sun, when the sun is at its strongest. Make it time for a long lunch indoors or simply reading time or a game under the shade of some nearby trees or parasol.


  1. Positioning

Make use of any shade that is near to you. If you are going somewhere more exposed, like beach, take something to shade under with you, like a parasol or golf umbrella. Many beaches have parasols for hire, or often for sale in nearby shops.
If the kids are reading, resting eating or playing a game that can be done in the shade, encourage them to move under the trees, parasol or wherever else there is shade.


  1. Sunscreen

Cover every area of exposed skin with high factor sunscreen. Remember to include everywhere. Some of the commonly forgotten areas are ears, tops of feet and back of the knees.  If they are in the water, re-apply the sunscreen every time they come out. At the slightest sign of the skin reddening, get them to pop on a loose-fitting t-shirt or if they are going back in the water a lycra ‘rash vest’ which will block out far more of the sun.

  1. Sunglasses

The sun can be very harmful to the eyes and often the damage isn’t apparent until later in life, so encourage children to wear sunglasses. Let them choose their own, so they are more likely to wear them but always insist on sunglasses marked as ‘Category 3’ which will provide adequate protection.

  1. Sun Hats

Safety in the sun for children on villa holidays

A sun hat can offer great protection from the sun and shield the eyes from glare too. A wide brim or peak will provide more shade and for younger children, a chinstrap will keep it in place for longer. For older children, like with their sunglasses, allow them to choose their own, so they are more comfortable wearing it.


  1. Drink Plenty

Drinking Water In The Sun

Kids love to play in the sun. Chances are, while you are reading or relaxing, they will be charging around, swimming, digging, jumping and running in the sand. That is hot work. Which means they will sweat and can become dehydrated very quickly. And because they are having so much fun, they will simply forget to drink.So it’s up to you to remind them. Take them regular water and make sure they drink it.

Although these are all handy tips to help keep you children safe form the harmful rays of the sun, there are many more measures you can take but the main point is to use common sense at all times. With common sense and parental vigilance, your children should be able to have enjoy a fantastic holiday in the sun, without having to endure sunburn or suffer lasting skin damage.

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