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Overview of Lisbon Coast

Along the Lisbon Coast, there are stunning sandy beaches, sheltered coves and a range of activities for you to enjoy. Located conveniently near the vibrant city of Lisbon, there’s no surprise it’s a popular destination for holidaymakers around the world. Best of all, you too can stay here in one of our villas along the Lisbon Coast.

Lisbon Coast’s Towns to Visit

Just 10km from Lisbon is one of Portugal’s most beautiful and popular leisure areas. Warm in summer and mild in winter, the Estoril coast has been attracting visitors for centuries, and it’s where the Lisbon gentry established their summer homes and weekend retreats; mansions and stately homes close to the sea and tree-lined streets.

You can enjoy a range of activities, including golf, water sports, casinos, concerts, and ballet, plus there’s an excellent nightlife. It has all the ingredients for a holiday where you can choose to be as active or relaxed as you wish.

The spectacular Lisbon coastline leads up from Cascais and Estoril to the romantic old town of Sintra and aristocratic Queluz. To the south of the estuary are unspoilt, dune-backed beaches with attractive residential developments close by for quieter pursuits.

Sintra is popular amongst tourists, with its narrow streets and stunning architecture dating back to the 15th century. The Portuguese town also has one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites; the National Palace. Visiting a world heritage site should be on everyone’s list of things to do in their lifetime, so when visiting Lisbon, we highly recommend venturing to Sintra to see the palace.

For family holidays to the Lisbon Coast, take a trip to Quinta de Regaleira. It gives off a mystical feel and is filled with nooks and cracks in the region’s most beautiful gardens, perfect for family getaways. Quinta de Regaleira is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Lisbon coast offers the perfect combination of sun, sea, countryside, culture and city pursuits, with the beautiful city of Lisbon so close by.

Villa Retreats’ Luxury Villas in Portugal

Villa Retreats has a stunning selection of villas from modern to traditional on the Lisbon Coast available to rent for your holiday in Portugal. We also have a wide range of charming and luxury villas in Portugal to rent including North Portugal and the Algarve.

Complete your perfect holiday to Portugal by booking one of our luxury villas in the Lisbon Coast.

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