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With over 1,500 kms of spectacular unspoilt coastline, towns alive with arts and culture, glamorous ports, a wealth of activities and some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, this laid-back island offers something for everyone!

Overview of Sardinia

Sardinia is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. It’s the second largest island in the Mediterranean; where sweeping white sandy beaches, colourful history, diverse scenery and an unbridled passion for gastronomy combine to create the ultimate, and unforgettable escape on this stunning idyllic island.

Sardinia Culture and Surroundings

Sardinia is rich in culture with plenty of historical landmark buildings to explore such as the Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria, Sardinia’s oldest Catalan Gothic church in the capital, Cagliari. Sardinia also has a World Heritage Site; Su Nuraxi di Barumuini.

For a taste of history, you should visit Alghero, a stunning medieval city where you can explore the sea walls, Campanile and Spiaggia di San Giovanni, and more. For colour and vibrancy, visit Bosa, one of Sardinia’s most attractive and charming towns, here you can enjoy the pastel Italian houses with unmissable hilltop views.

As for the local cuisine, it’s simply delicious and combines meat, fish and vegetables with Sardinian history and Mediterranean influences. Suckling pig (porcheddu), lamb and Salsiccia Sarda (Sardinian salami) are popular meat choices. Fish and seafood are also part of the Sardinian diet, and if you prefer less meaty dishes, we recommend the Catalan style lobster. You can alsoexpect to find a variety of traditional cheeses such as pecorino romano, ricotta and casu marzu.

If you’re going to try one Sardinian food during your travel, we recommend sampling pane carasau, a traditional flatbread. It’s recognised for being thin and crunchy and always made by hand, so you’re guaranteed to get it fresh. Of course, when visiting Sardinia, or any other part of Italy, wine tasting is essential.

From the glitz and glamour of Costa Smeralda to the magnificent rugged landscaped of the southern and inland areas, Sardinia is an architectural melting pot that is simply yearning to be explored. Don’t miss out on exploring everything this gorgeous island has to offer and book one of our luxury Sardinia villa rentals.

Whether you’re searching for a villa with a perfect, picturesque view or you prefer to have a family-friendly villa with a private pool to relax in, you won’t be left disappointed with our range of villas. Book your dream luxury villa holiday to Sardinia with Villa Retreats today.

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