Thomas Cook

What Can Holidaymakers Learn From The Collapse Of Thomas Cook

  The news of Thomas Cook’s collapse was sudden and shocking. Most shocking for those with holidays booked, or for those potentially stranded overseas on their trip. Whilst things unfold, in the aftermath tens of thousands have been airlifted home and many, many more are attempting to secure refunds on their holidays. As a nation […]

Spending Precious Family Time With University-Age Children

As children or grandchildren head off to university, to start new lives and develop new careers, so an exciting new-age of holiday begins. During this transitional period, children’s personalities are evolving rapidly. Their world is filled with new experiences, insights, influences and experiences. They are full of new-found energy and passion. But at the same […]

Protect Your Skin Against Harmful Rays

The truth about aftersun

When we make our plans for a sunny holiday, most of us have a bottle of aftersun high on the ‘must buy’ list. Although awareness of the damage caused by UV rays has grown significantly over the last few years, dermatologists are concerned that we still misunderstand the role of aftersun. Many sun bathers still […]

Surfs up In Western Algarve.

Next summer brings with it the World’s biggest sporting spectacle.  The Tokyo Olympics. For the first time, surfing will be on the list of Olympic events, showcasing an exciting, fast-growing sport which carries with it a long cultural, musical and spiritual heritage. The increase in exposure will no doubt bring a boost in interest in […]

Mykonos In The Autumn Sun

What’s So Special About Mykonos?

Billed as a liberal blend of St Tropez and Ibiza, Mykonos has a glamorous image and has been an A-listers playground many years. But what else does this beautiful Island have to offer and why should you pay a visit? Sizzling Hot Weather If you like it hot, you will love Mykonos. Whilst it is […]

Villa Holidays in Sardinia

8 Good Reasons To Visit Sardinia In The Late Season

If you’re looking for a late break in September or October, Sardinia is a tough choice to beat. Here are just a few of the benefits this late-season paradise has to offer. It’s still Lovely And Warm Late season temperature ranges between 27 and 23 degrees at this time of year which is warm enough […]

flying comfortably

Ten ways to Make That Flight More Comfortable

With a little planning it’s possible to make any flight much more bearable. Here are afew tips to help you make the most of your next flight. Choose your seat carefully. On many flights it is possible to reserve your seat, on others you may have to quietly ‘assert yourself’ to get the spot you […]

mosquitos in the medditeranean

How To Reduce The Risk Of Mosquito-Born Disease On Holiday

Diseases previously found only in the tropics have been discovered in European countries like Greece, France, Italy and Spain. A move that may concern those visiting Mediterranean beaches this summer. The mosquito-borne disease include ‘Chikunguya’, a fever which causes fever and painful joints and ‘Dengue Fever’, a powerful flu-like virus. Whilst the risk of infection […]

How to Avoid Holiday Villa Scams, with Advice from the Experts

In light of recent fraudulent villa scams hitting headlines, specialist villa rental company Villa Retreats share their expert tips on how to avoid fraudulent bookings. Villa rental fraud is expected to reach record levels this summer, with a 39% increase in villa fraud across key holiday destinations such as Spain. Simon Rowland, Managing Director at […]

kid sin the sun

Holiday Sun Safety Tips For Parents & Children

We all love warmth the sun. But no one loves it more than children. The fun and games that the combination of sunshine, sand and water allow, make for many of our best childhood memories. But how do you make sure you children stay protected from the sun ‘s harmful rays whilst still enjoying those […]