21 of the Best Things to Do in Antigua

Antigua is one of our favourite Caribbean islands because the weather is amazing all year round. The tropical climate means that it’s hot in every season, with highs of 31°C and above, and it rarely drops below 22°C. It’s also a wonderful island destination for beach lovers. Pristine white sand and clear turquoise waters set […]

Casa Amor Terrace

You Can Stay at Love Island’s Famous Casa Amor with Villa Retreats

The Love Island boys have now vacated Casa Amor and guess what, we have it on our books for you to rent. That’s right, you can stay at Love Island’s Casa Amor with Villa Retreats. The luxury villa that has been the star of Love Island for the past week is located in the picturesque […]

Come Together & Celebrate in Style with Villa Retreats

So you’ve decided on a location and you’ve finally got everyone to agree on a date (completing that task in itself usually deserves a holiday!), now it’s time to decide how to make your celebratory get -together so spectacular that your fellow celebrators will be celebrating your own organising brilliance for years to come!  

Some of Villa Retreats favourite spots in the Algarve

Villa Retreats should be your first port of call for some of the best accommodation in the Algarve. We specialise in providing luxury villa rentals and helping our clients to plan the perfect break. Let’s take a look at four of the most talked about parts of the Algarve to see what draws expats and […]

Discover the luxury of the Algarve with Villa Retreats

Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lobo are two of the Algarve’s best-facilitated and most popular resorts. Vale do Lobo, for instance, is a favourite among seekers of luxury European resorts, being the biggest luxury resort of its type in Portugal and home to various luxury villa rentals.

The Sun is Still Shining for Villa Retreats!

So the traditional “summer” (if we can call it that!) is over, and with it comes the thought of long, cold nights, miserable rain and layering up to avoid the harsh elements of a UK winter. You may be thinking you should put away thoughts of lazing by the swimming pool, strolling along a beautiful […]