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Pristine sandy beaches, luxury villas and a laid-back atmosphere…Antigua serves up a Caribbean paradise you’re guaranteed to fall in love with!

Overview of Antigua

When you think of a paradise holiday, what do you think of? Deep blue waters, white sandy beaches and coral reefs? Glorious warm sunshine with a slight breeze from the surrounding palm trees enough to keep you cool? Tranquil setting with stunning, panoramic views so you can sit back and relax? If this is what dreams are made of when it comes to booking a holiday, then you will find our available luxury Antigua villa rentals hard to resist.

The Caribbean is a luxurious holiday destination, and it’s not just because of the powdered beaches and glistening blue seas, stunning sunshine and warm weather; it’s the al-fresco dining and hospitality too. You get the full package.

Did you know Antigua is also referred to as Waladli or Wadadli by locals?

Antigua and Surroundings

Antigua has all of the above, plus a plethora of activities and sights to see. From the bustling capital of St. John’s and Nelson’s Dockyard to the 365 beaches, that’s right, 365 stunning beaches to stroll along, watch the sunrise and sunset, and of course, to relax on soaking up the sun.

Nelson’s Dockyard was named after Captain Horatio Nelson, who was stationed there in the 1780s. You can find a Dockyard Museum and a marina. This area filled with history, including its naval heritage, and culture – it’s well worth visiting during your holiday.

Wherever you choose to stay on the island, you’ll be making a great choice. From the white sands of Nonsuch Bay to the peaceful Blue Waters resort, there are plenty of places to relax and unwind in Antigua.

With the gorgeous waters comes tropical sea creatures and a seabed filled with vibrant colours. It’s the perfect destination to get deep underwater snorkelling or diving.

You can expect to find luxurious resorts and glamorous restaurants, which will create a magical atmosphere. The small island of Antigua packs in everything that you will need for a thoroughly enjoyable luxury retreat.

Luxury Villas in Antigua

Villa Retreats has a stunning collection of luxury Antigua villa rentals available, including Nonsuch Bay and Blue Waters. We have private villas pools with stunning mountain backdrops and beachfront views. Our Caribbean villas are available in a range of sizes and styles, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect villa.

So whether you’re looking for elite retreat villas in the Caribbean or a romantic getaway, browse through our range of luxury villas in Antigua today to find your dream holiday home.

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