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The Adventurer’s Guide to Discovering Mallorca

Ah, Mallorca. From its stunning landscape vistas to its rich heritage, this Mediterranean paradise really has it all. But once you’re done soaking up that glorious sun and seeing all the sights the island has to offer, you may start craving a little adventure. After all, holidays are all about new experiences, and Mallorca offers that in spades. Follow in the footsteps of these great adventurers, and see Mallorca from a new angle with our handy guide.

Cliff Jumping

Get your heart racing as you take a dive off the edge of Mallorca’s rugged, coastal cliffs. There’s nothing so nerve-shredding as the apparent free-fall before making a splash into the island’s clear blue waters. A highly trained instructor can help you master your technique and ensure that you’€™re only jumping from safe heights. Even with the right precautions,  cliff jumping definitely isn’t for the faint of heart!

Rock Climbing

If you’re seeing Mallorca from a whole new angle, rock climbing is where it’s at. Those rugged cliffs aren’t just for jumping off; if you’re feeling seriously adventurous and have a head for heights you can ascend tons of Mallorca’s many outstanding cliffs and mountains, which are tailor-made for rock climbing. Just strap on those harnesses, and show the world what you’re made of. And once you make it to the top, there’s a breath-taking view just waiting for you to enjoy.



There is another way to discover Mallorca;€“ Caving. Leave those show caves for the everyday tourists and journey deep into the bowels of the real Mallorca. Beneath the island are a network of awesomely sculpted caves which have been around for a millennia. And they’re just waiting for you to start climbing, crawling and exploring. From the narrow trails to the vast, you’ll want to see it and experience it to believe it.


If you want to seriously get the adrenaline pumping, you’ll want to try canyoning. Mallorca is, after all, home to some of the best canyons in the world, including Sa Fosca, which means ‘Darkness’, it’s the grandest canyon of them all. Canyoning is the king of adventure sports, as you hike over the mountainous landscape, leap through rock chutes, swim across deep-water gullies and abseil down waterfalls as you descend the canyon trail.