A luxury villla makes the perfect place to celebrate

Ten Great Reasons To Celebrate The Big Occasion On A Villa Holiday

Whatever the occasion, whether it is a wedding, engagement party, a significant birthday, anniversary, retirement or any other family celebration, organisation can be a huge and committing process. And one that can bring with it an equally large amount of complexity and anxiety.
Increasing numbers of families, couples, groups of friends, and work colleagues are choosing to celebrate on holiday. Here are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to jet off to the sunshine for your big occasion.

1. Beauty & Romance

What’s more romantic than watching the sun going down on a beautiful, secluded beach or a leafy hilltop retreat? Whether you are in a small party or part of a larger group, with your closest friends and family around you, romance and beauty will always shine through in an iconic location, making things even more memorable.

2. Better Weather

Everyone yearns for the perfect blue-sky day for their big party or celebration, but let’s face it, even in the UK’s summer, the weather is just one big roll of the dice. Heading off to a warm, exotic location will give you the best possible chance of perfect conditions on the big day.

3. Stress Reduction

Committing to a far-flung destination for your gathering can free you from many of the pressures the big day brings. You will be on holiday, in a beautiful destination, relaxing in a luxury villa whilst you make your final plans. And of course, you won’t be anxiously scanning the daily weather forecast either.

4. Cost Comparison

Compared to the same level of luxury in the UK, the price of decadence is often significantly lower in remote locations. Catering, food and drink is usually far more affordable and accessible. You’ll also be enjoying several days away for your money and spending much more quality time with loved ones.
You could also consider maximising value by renting for a two week period and inviting two separate groups of friends or relatives, one for the first week and the other for the second week.

5. Fewer People – Fewer Complications

When you decide to celebrate abroad, there will always be a limit to the number of people you can invite. It is the perfect excuse to keep things simple by only inviting very close friends and family. That will instantly distil your guestlist for the event down to the absolute best. So you may reduce both money spent and hassle.

You can always throw a less extravagant party for the others when you arrive home.

6. Timescale

Often celebrations and events can be arranged quicker in holiday destinations and as the whole day will be smaller and easier to manage. Holiday destinations are geared up for hospitality and entertainment, so there’s should be no shortage of facilities, staff, food or drink.

A beautiful villa holiday to remember

7. A Special Place To Remember

A special day creates a permanent connection with a location for all of you. One that you can return to long into the future to rekindle the same emotions and remember special times and great memories together, long into the future.

8. A Special Place Remembered

You may choose to celebrate in a location which has special significance to you and your family. A place that you already have a deep connection with. A country or area that a parent or relative had a strong connection with or one which means a great deal to you for many other reasons.

9. Culture

Free from the cultural, religious and social norms, you will be able to create the function that you really want. A blend of local customs and your own tastes.  Getting away from the pressure and expectation of the big event can be truly liberating. A smaller celebration with only close friends and family, means you can really do it your own way.

A beautiful villa holiday to remember

10. Amazing Photographs

Photos taken on a sunny beach or clifftop beauty spot don’t come much better. Iconic locations provide iconic images, so you should all head home with the most memorable and striking photo albums tucked under your arm.

At villa retreats, we have a portfolio of luxury villas that are perfect for your birthday, anniversary, retirement party, wedding celebration or honeymoon. We’re also happy to talk to you about your plans and to put you directly in touch with highly recommended local companies and suppliers who can help to make every aspect of your big day absolutely perfect.

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Learning a language for your villa holiday

Ten Tips For Learning A Language

  1. Make The Effort

Don’t just talk about it. Take action. You are unlikely to become fluent in any language before your holiday but every tiny bit you learn will help.

You will find that almost every attempt to converse in the local language will be met with a better reception than simply launching into English.

Don’t put it off, start today.

  1. Learn On The Move

You can learn a huge amount from Podcasts, audio books or even CDs. If you are lucky enough to have a long daily commute in the car, sit back and learn with every minute you drive. If you are on your own in the car, you even have the luxury of being able to talk along with the lesson.

If you travel on the train or tram, pop in those headphones and concentrate.

If you run or go to the gym, run along to the sweet sound of your language teacher’s voice.

  1. Create a routine

Try to schedule learning at the same each day/week. This will help you stick to it and commit to learning on a longer-term basis.

  1. Talk to Each Other – But Not In English

Why not learn together before you go on your holiday?  Then try to get all the members of your group together for a few evenings before you go. Insist that everyone is not allowed to speak English for at least one hour. Get the dictionaries and phrase books out and do whatever you can to communicate in the destination language  – without falling back on English.

Throw in some food and drink from the destination of choice and you have a few great nights in together – and a bundle of laughs.

learning a language for your villa holiday

  1. Carry a Dictionary

Take a pocket-sized dictionary/phrase book with you whilst you are out and about on your holiday and use it. It will help you find a way to communicate better and you will be learning more and more as you go.  It’s also really handy to have a dictionary around to quickly translate any specialised words on menus, price lists or even signs.

  1. Prepare Conversations In Advance.

This tip is worth its weight in gold. Before you go anywhere, consider the conversation you will be having and read up on the specific words or phrases you may need. Spend half an hour imagining the questions you will have to ask or answer and say them out loud. Maybe even make a few brief notes.

Whether you go to the doctor, pharmacy, police station, car hire shop, bar or restaurant, you will be much better prepared, relaxed and able to make yourself understood.

  1. Let Yourself Go.

Make a conscious effort to get over one of the biggest barriers of all -‘feeling stupid’.

Forget about what others think, take a deep breath and dive right in. Your confidence will grow with every conversation. You will say lots of funny things and get lots of words wrong but you will always be moving forward.

Learning a language for your villa holiday

  1. Learn The Top 100 Words

Don’t learn random words in an effort to expand your vocabulary. Focus.

Google the top 100 words in the language you need to master and learn very one of those first. The most common 100 words in any language account for 50% of all spoken, so they will provide you with an incredible foundation.

  1. Learn To Ask For Help

Make a point of learning a phrase like “How do you say ………. in [insert your language here]?” Then, whenever you get stuck in a conversation just roll that phrase out, drop in the English word and see how it goes.

Often you will find yourself flicking through the dictionary with your new friend the bartender, waiter, shopkeeper or passer by. Most people really want to help and more often than not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their response.

  1. Apply A Positive Attitude.

Believe you can do it. Stay positive and keep on learning. Never get bogged down with negative thoughts about how much you don’t know but focus on how much you have learned and how well you are doing.





The perfect villa for your holiday

Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Luxury Retreat for Friends and Family

Choosing the perfect villa for a relaxing break should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Yet for many who find themselves in the organisers role it can quickly turn in to a major frustration. Trying to please everyone yet pleasing few, and in the end feeling unappreciated.
Simon Rowland - Villa Hire ExpertManaging Director of Villa Retreats, Simon Rowland has been searching out perfect villas for almost 30 years. Here, he has distilled his lifetime of experience into few simple steps which can significantly reduce hassle, confusion and frustration when choosing a villa for your next relaxing holiday.

So before you start work on your family’s villa wish list, read these tips and use them to structure your planning process.

Think Family/Party Members

Consider the people you are inviting. What are their interests? Do they have any special needs? Are there any babies, toddlers, teenagers, elderly, infirm or people with mobility issues within the group?

Write down specific requirements for each person. Be sure to list things that relate to the property and to the area around the property.

For example, a choosing a hilly location if you are taking grandparents who have mobility issues may cause them difficulties, leading to a far from relaxing trip for them, and the group.

Think Location

Put the destination to one side for the time being (unless it is absolutely written in stone) and think about where your ideal villa would be in relation to facilities, amenities and terrain. The location of your villa is far more important than the actual destination.

Again, run through the list of people in the group and consider their individual interests and requirements.

Consider the distance to the beach, restaurants, bars, a golf course, gym, playground and pool.

Would you like a sea view? Do you need to ensure certain facilities are within walking distance so that driving and vehicle rental is not essential? Are there teenagers in the party who will appreciate bars and nightclubs being only a short walk away?

Do you also need to be far enough away to not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the nighlife?

Think Duration & Dates

With the party and their interests and requirements now mapped out, the next thing to consider is the time of the year.

Chances are your group have a date, or at least a rough date, for the trip in mind. Study the climate and temperature of possible destinations carefully. Not only during the day but also consider night time temperatures and how they may affect your group.

Think through all the implications and their effect on those joining you on the villa holiday.

If your trip is off-peak season, the pool temperature be kept low by plummeting night time temperatures, so you may decide that you need a heated pool?

Temperature can be an issue for the very young and the very old as well. August temperatures in the Algarve could potentially be too hot for a new born baby. The same intense heat may be uncomfortable for elderly relatives.

When considering the Caribbean or even further afield, be careful to look into natural weather patterns. Is there a typhoon month, hurricane season or a period where rain is recognised as a major factor? Unless you already know a location well, research is everything. Google away and gather as much information as you can.

Think Change Over Days

You will need to decide on the precise range of dates you are available to travel within.  Most properties insist on a particular arrival day. This is likely to be a Saturday. Seven and Fourteen nights are the norm in peak season but owners are sometimes more flexible when considering off-peak season bookings.

Think Villa Specification

Now you have all the groundwork in place, it is time to think carefully about the villa and the facilities your party will need.

Go back to your list of people and run down it, listing any particular facilities they will need.

How many bedrooms will you need?  One often-overlooked consideration is the kind of beds (double or twin) your party will need in each room.  Make a careful note of these next to the list of rooms you require.

If you have children (or adults) who enjoy games, would a games room, pool table or table tennis table come in handy?

Is a tennis court essential?  If you have an enthusiastic chef travelling with you, you may want a fully equipped kitchen and certainly a BBQ.

Style and standard are also worthy of great thought. Would you rather stay in a  contemporary villa or one with a more classical feel. Or perhaps an informal, beach style property.

Think Budget

Write down your ideal budget and your maximum budget. Make sure that all paying members in your party are comfortable with their commitment.

Don’t be afraid to share this information when looking for a villa. The more specific you can be, the more focused and useful the results of your enquiries will become.

Think ‘Must Haves’ & ‘Nice to Haves’

Split your list of requirements into two distinct lists.  A ‘Must Have’ and a  ‘Nice To Have’ list. Once prepared, share the lists with the other decision makers in the family or party, to make sure you have covered everything – and that they are on the correct lists.

At this point you are nearly there and the important part of the process is almost complete.

Who Should I Send My Brief To?

Now that you know what you want, where, when and for how much, it’s time to select the appropriate villa companies to send your brief to.

Always choose prospective Villa specialists very carefully. You must make sure you are sending your brief to experienced and established villa specialists.

Here are a few tips to help you select the right shortlist:

  1. Ensure that those you deal with are members of ABTA and ATOL registered to assure you of the consumer protection. Do not underestimate what can go wrong if you either deal with an owner direct or deal with a so called specialist, if they cannot offer financial security.
    Buyer beware and seek proof of important credentials. You need accountable parties to deal with in case anything goes wrong. This accountability is lost if you deal with anyone or any company who is based overseas. Be warned. We have spoken to many clients who have been hoodwinked in the past and been swindled out of thousands by unscrupulous villa operators.
  2. Once you are sure the correct protection is covered, be prepared to ask a few cheeky questions that may unsettle less-professional villa providers. For example, how often they visit the properties they rent and are you able to speak to a member of the team who has either stayed at the property in question or who has visited it in the last 12 months. This is essential.

Once you have your final list of three or four villa specialists, send your brief to them all, in an easy to understand format with the ‘Must Haves’ and the ‘Nice To Haves’ all clearly listed. Don’t forget to share your budget figures – the ideal price and the maximum price.

Think Service

The response you receive from your enquiry directly reflects the service and support you can expect from your villa specialist.

The replies you receive should be prompt, precise and easy to understand. They should also include up to date availability otherwise the information has little or no purpose.

As soon as you see a potentially perfect villa, you must ask for it to be put on hold at all costs. Even if it is just for 48 hours. Any Villa specialist worth their salt will offer to do this for you without question.

Any Villa Specialist should be available to arrange a phone call or reply to an email when you need a reply, even if it’s out of office hours in the evening or weekend.

You should expect help and assistance all the way up to arriving at the property and returning back home. Remember, a professional and experienced Villa Specialist will aim to build long term relationships with customers by offering the best possible service and support at all times.

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Christmas on a villa holiday

Christmas In A Suitcase

Booking a villa holiday over the Christmas period is an excellent way to get the extended family together and to spend valuable relaxing time with children, grandchildren or just a group of old friends.  In this short article, we give you a few tips on how to make you’re your Christmas Day (or New Year’s Eve) celebrations go with a bang on your villa holiday.

Christmas Presents.

If you don’t have children with you, you may like to consider celebrating Christmas and exchanging gifts before you leave for your holiday or after you return. This needn’t limit the fun. With the right approach it can just add another great day, or at very least an evening, to your Christmas festivities.

If the thought of having no gifts to exchange on Christmas day leaves you cold, you could always reduce the collective luggage weight by opting for the ‘Secret Santa’ approach.

Secret Santa is a long-standing festive tradition in which members of a group all pull one name from their group out of a hat (or have name assigned to them any other random method). Their job is then to choose a gift for that person, and only that person. It is best to agree a maximum budget for the gift, which no-one should exceed. Technically, the identity of the gift giver should remain a secret and should never be revealed. However, guessing who selected the gift is often part of the fun.

When unwrapped and unveiled one by one at the dinner table, this can lead to a very enjoyable and entertaining spectacle. Fabulous fun for large groups and extended family holidays.  There are many apps available for organising your Secret Santa. Here’s one example that we came across www.secretsantaorganizer.com.

If you have very young children, you will probably want to take along a few gifts.

Think carefully about the weight, size and fragility of anything you intend to pack in your luggage. Also, think very carefully about any security issues that may arise. It may be difficult to explain that the brightly coloured rocket launcher in your suitcase is simply a child’s toy.

Wrapping Gifts

Airlines recommend that you do not not wrap any gifts before you fly. Airport security staff may unwrap gifts in your hand luggage or checked in bags, causing delays at security. And of course, leaving you with the job of rewrapping them.

Instead, pack wrapping paper in your checked in bags, and wrap your gifts after you arrive at your villa.  Don’t forget to pack a roll of celllotape. But even though your airline may permit you to carry scissors with blades less than 4 inches in length, it’s probably best to leave the scissors at home. Any well-equipped villa is sure to have a pair in the kitchen drawer.


Yes it’s cheesy, but a few Christmas jingles always set the scene on the big day.

Be sure to take along a Christmas CD or two or better still, compile an online playlist.

If you go for the online option be sure to check the box to ‘download’ the tracks in advance just in case you have no WiFi at the crucial moment.

Christmas Outfit

Spread the word before you leave. Make sure that absolutely everyone packs a festive outfit to wear for the big dinner.

You can give this your own spin. Whatever you choose From Christmas ‘Hawaiian’ Shirts and Santa Hats to Red Dresses, White Shirts and Christmas Ties, it is a chance to generate a bit of extra Christmas cheer and get everyone in the mood. A common theme always makes for great photographs in and around your villa too.

Don’t let your plans become too grand, whatever you choose should be light and easy to pack, easy to find and not too expensive.


We’re not suggesting that you drape the entire villa with tinsel and glitter. However, if you take a few lengths of tinsel and a handful of sparkly accessories, you will be able to wow everyone in the party with a beautifully decorated dinner table.

It is always an option to ask every member of the party to bring one item of decoration. Unveiling the collection of assorted decorations and arranging them around the villa could become an enjoyable and entertaining part of the celebration.


Nothing is more festive than after dinner games. They are a great way to extend the celebrations and to bridge the age gaps. Why not take a long a few simple games to play after dinner. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need pack heavy or cumbersome board games. With a little research, you may be able to simply take along a pack of cards, a pen and some paper and a few notes/prompts to remind you of a handful of games and their rules.

Of course, on a villa holiday at Christmas there is always a chance that you will be enjoying dinner outside on the sun terrace, by the pool or even down at the beach, so you may want to adjust your game selection accordingly.

Whether you play wink murder, spoons, charades or name that tune, you’ll have great fun and create many, many memories

If you need a little inspiration, there are countless suggestions for games online but here are a couple of links to get you going:

Table Place Names

Carefully prepared and packed in your luggage, a pile of festive place names for the dinner table will add a special touch to the big event and allow you to carefully adjust the seating plan to ensure harmony or hilarity.

Skype or Facetime

If you have any family members who can’t make it on your trip or friends at home that couldn’t come along with you for any reason, why not gather round an iphone, ipad or latop and call them up live on video with Skpe, Facetime or any alternative.

There are various ways to make video calls these days. But whatever method you choose, it is best to agree a precise time in advance and to be sure everyone in your party knows when it is happening. Make sure you make the call precisely at the agreed time and all should go to plan.

This is a lovely way to share the festive cheer, have some fun and to share a bit of love at the same time.


For some, cooking Christmas dinner seems like a military operation and an utterly unrewarding task. Whilst others thoroughly enjoy the hustle and bustle of the kitchen preparation and revel in the role of head chef and host.

If it is your thing, throw yourself headlong into the process and enjoy every minute.  But remember, there are no rules. You don’t have to produce the perfect, traditional Christmas dinner. This dinner is about the people and the connection between them.

Be prepared to break the rules and adjust the menu to make it easier for you to prepare and serve. It doesn’t really matter if you serve up burgers, pasta, seafood, curry or a beach barbecue buffet.

If cooking a big dinner is simply not your bag, why not consider the alternatives?

External catering may be an option in your villa. Whether you have food delivered or have dinner prepared by a visiting chef, it well be worth the additional cost.

Don’t forget that you can always book and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant. In which case all the tips above still apply.

Whatever you choose to do, think things through carefully in advance and you will soon be enjoying your best Christmas ever together in a luxury villa in the sun.

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Thomas Cook

What Can Holidaymakers Learn From The Collapse Of Thomas Cook


The news of Thomas Cook’s collapse was sudden and shocking. Most shocking for those with holidays booked, or for those potentially stranded overseas on their trip.

Whilst things unfold, in the aftermath tens of thousands have been airlifted home and many, many more are attempting to secure refunds on their holidays.

As a nation of holidaymakers calms down and carries on, we take a moment to consider what lessons we can all learn from the Thomas Cook Affair.

ATOL and ABTA – are well worth checking for.

The Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL)was setup in 1973 to protect holiday makers from precisely this kind of crisis.

During the last few weeks, over 600,000 people have received assistance from ATOL.


Whilst ATOL was originally designed to cover flight-based trips, Package Travel regulations apply to other holiday packages and cruises, provided they are booked through ABTA registered agents.

Both Villa Retreats Wildfoot Travel are ATOL registered and both are registered members of ABTA (Association OF British Travel Agents). We strongly believe in the value, their protection offers.

Beware Foreign Imposters

Many foreign travel websites give the impression that they are based in the UK. But check very, very carefully. ATOL protection is only applicable to flights or packages booked with UK based travel firms.

By law travel companies must publish their ATOL number. You can check this number on the Civil Aviation Authority Website.

Booking with agents or airlines who are not registered with ATOL or ABTA could result in uncompensated loss of your holiday.

Check Your Certificate

ATOL logo

When you make an ATOL protected booking, you should receive an ATOL certificate. This will list the parts of the trip that are protected. If you don’t get a certificate, you are not protected.

Check Travel Insurance Cover Before You Buy

All insurance policies are not the same. Check and compare the details before you buy.

Make sure it covers Scheduled Airline Failure (SAF), which exists precisely to cover you in the event of an airline’s collapse. The SAF cover should also have a figure allocated to it. The range of cover varies from £100 – £15,000, with the average being about £2,500.

Make you own mind up about how much cover you need. But check the policy carefully and don’t underestimate the difference a few pounds more on an annual policy can make.

Get Your Credit Card Out

Purchases made with a credit card can often be covered by the card providers insurance policy. Check carefully. And always pay the balance off at the end of the month, or you may end up paying hefty interest on your booking.

Don’t buy vouchers as a gift

Many people who held Thomas Cook travel vouchers suddenly discovered they are now completely worthless. Think carefully before you buy a voucher of any kind as a present.

If someone gives you a voucher as a gift, use it as soon as you can. It seems, you never know what could happen.

Keep all your paperwork carefully

In the event of any kind incident of on holiday, it always helps to be able to get hold of receipts, invoices, policies and other documentation quickly.

Gather them in your e-mail and set up a neat new folder so you can find them quickly. Consider downloading them to your phone or tablet, in case you are unable to access wifi whilst you are away.

Take That Trip

If you have a dream trip, don’t keep putting off. Book it now. You never know what will happen. International travel may become more expensive and less accessible as the political and environmental world changes in the future.


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Spending Precious Family Time With University-Age Children

As children or grandchildren head off to university, to start new lives and develop new careers, so an exciting new-age of holiday begins.

During this transitional period, children’s personalities are evolving rapidly. Their world is filled with new experiences, insights, influences and experiences. They are full of new-found energy and passion. But at the same time, they appreciate their family more than ever, and the security, strength and warmth family connections represent.

That’s why it is a such a wonderful time to bring the extended family together for a holiday and re-enforce the family bond.

On a villa holiday, teenagers have the opportunity to unveil their new-found knowledge experience and enjoy those all-important connections with the extended family unit.

In this article, we reflect on the what makes a villa holiday perfect for multi-generational family holiday.

No Agenda

Staying in a villa as opposed to a hotel means you will be free from any precise agenda. This flexibility is critical when dealing with different generations. It’s always important to remember, that it is everyone’s holiday and what suits one person, isn’t always right for another. Staying in a well-equipped, well-appointed villa means you can all get up, eat, drink, sleep and come and go as you please.

Space to be Yourself

There are times when we’d like to talk, laugh sing and dance. There are also times when we’d rather relax quietly with a good book or just enjoy the view quietly, with only our own thoughts for company.

A villa with plenty of room inside and out will give you plenty of options to find space or to get together with others when you would rather be in company.

A villa with space to chat

A quiet lie down in an air-conditioned room. A few minutes lost inside the pages of a captivating novel under the shade of a whispering olive tree. A solitary dip beneath the shimmering, motionless water of a deserted swimming pool. Or a relaxed, one-to-one garden-chair conversation under the dappled-orange glow of a Mediterranean sunset. It’s all possible in the right villa.

A place to get together

Alongside the quiet times of course, there are incredible opportunities to enjoy time together. Enjoying the vibrant conversation and laughter of a family meal, reliving old times together beside the pool or settling down to a ‘family movie night’ in front of the big screen.

A carefully chosen villa will provide countless chances for both all-encompassing enjoyment and individual tranquillity.

Room to rest

A good villa will have plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms and communal space. So you should never be on top of each other, leaving you all with space to relax in your own way.

Villa with plenty of space for a large group

Have fun in the sun

Whether you choose to lounge by the pool, swim in the sea or read under the shelter of the nearest palm tree, it’s hard to deny that the warmth of the sun is uplifting and relaxing.

A beautiful villa with a swimming pool

With everyone enjoying ‘doing their own thing’ in the sun, spirits will be high, which leads to relaxed, rewarding and enriching conversations and experiences. It is a great way to re-cement the family unit.


Dining together

A good villa will always have great dining facilities. Both inside and out. Because the dinner table is where the family magic is truly made.

Dining in a luxury villa

Light the BBQ, pop open a bottle or two while the dinners sizzles in the background and just talk.

Take plenty of time to eat, drink, chat, tell stories, play games and just enjoy each other’s company. One day, the children will look back on those meals under the stars as some of their most special and cherished family memories.

Early nights or late mornings

Choose a villa that is within walking distance of a few bars, restaurants and maybe even the occasional night club. That way each generation can dance the night away as much as little as they want.

Flexible catering options

Whilst catering itself brings with it the flexibility to do things at your own time and pace, it also takes time and effort for some (or all) of the family.  Choosing a villa within walking distance of some good restaurants will give you great alternatives.

Cooking in a luxury villa

In many villas, it is possible to book external catering for the length of your holiday or just for the occasional evening.

Activities To Enjoy Together

If any of your group have specific interests, you can choose a villa or location that allows them to enjoy activities together. Often, these activities can have cross-generational appeal which can lead to wonderfully memorable days out.

A game golf together, a kayaking or stand up paddleboard adventure, snorkelling, sailing or just a walk on the beach as a small group.  With the development of electric bikes, even mountain biking or cycling can be enjoyed together by a wide range of ages and abilities.

The range of activities on offer today is incredible and affordable, so be sure to check what is possible when you are choosing a villa.

Of course, there are many more positive reasons to bring the whole family together on a villa holiday but we’ve given you plenty to think about in the list above. If you’d like to chat to our team about the incredible villas we have available, why not call us for a no-obligation chat and we’ll give you a few suggestions.  Why not call our team and discuss your plans on 0800 988 5586

These villas are just perfect for a multi-generation holiday.

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Villa 2394 – Antigua

Villa 2115 – Quinta do Lago, Algarve

Villa 2263 – Marbella

Villa 524 – Menorca

Villa 2388 – Provence

Villa 2067 – Mallorca

Villa 2091 – Ibiza