Spending Precious Family Time With University-Age Children

October 7th, 2019 in Lifestyle

As children or grandchildren head off to university, to start new lives and develop new careers, so an exciting new-age of holiday begins.

During this transitional period, children’s personalities are evolving rapidly. Their world is filled with new experiences, insights, influences and experiences. They are full of new-found energy and passion. But at the same time, they appreciate their family more than ever, and the security, strength and warmth family connections represent.

That’s why it is a such a wonderful time to bring the extended family together for a holiday and re-enforce the family bond.

On a villa holiday, teenagers have the opportunity to unveil their new-found knowledge experience and enjoy those all-important connections with the extended family unit.

In this article, we reflect on the what makes a villa holiday perfect for multi-generational family holiday.

No Agenda

Staying in a villa as opposed to a hotel means you will be free from any precise agenda. This flexibility is critical when dealing with different generations. It’s always important to remember, that it is everyone’s holiday and what suits one person, isn’t always right for another. Staying in a well-equipped, well-appointed villa means you can all get up, eat, drink, sleep and come and go as you please.

Space to be Yourself

There are times when we’d like to talk, laugh sing and dance. There are also times when we’d rather relax quietly with a good book or just enjoy the view quietly, with only our own thoughts for company.

A villa with plenty of room inside and out will give you plenty of options to find space or to get together with others when you would rather be in company.

A villa with space to chat

A quiet lie down in an air-conditioned room. A few minutes lost inside the pages of a captivating novel under the shade of a whispering olive tree. A solitary dip beneath the shimmering, motionless water of a deserted swimming pool. Or a relaxed, one-to-one garden-chair conversation under the dappled-orange glow of a Mediterranean sunset. It’s all possible in the right villa.

A place to get together

Alongside the quiet times of course, there are incredible opportunities to enjoy time together. Enjoying the vibrant conversation and laughter of a family meal, reliving old times together beside the pool or settling down to a ‘family movie night’ in front of the big screen.

A carefully chosen villa will provide countless chances for both all-encompassing enjoyment and individual tranquillity.

Room to rest

A good villa will have plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms and communal space. So you should never be on top of each other, leaving you all with space to relax in your own way.

Villa with plenty of space for a large group

Have fun in the sun

Whether you choose to lounge by the pool, swim in the sea or read under the shelter of the nearest palm tree, it’s hard to deny that the warmth of the sun is uplifting and relaxing.

A beautiful villa with a swimming pool

With everyone enjoying ‘doing their own thing’ in the sun, spirits will be high, which leads to relaxed, rewarding and enriching conversations and experiences. It is a great way to re-cement the family unit.


Dining together

A good villa will always have great dining facilities. Both inside and out. Because the dinner table is where the family magic is truly made.

Dining in a luxury villa

Light the BBQ, pop open a bottle or two while the dinners sizzles in the background and just talk.

Take plenty of time to eat, drink, chat, tell stories, play games and just enjoy each other’s company. One day, the children will look back on those meals under the stars as some of their most special and cherished family memories.

Early nights or late mornings

Choose a villa that is within walking distance of a few bars, restaurants and maybe even the occasional night club. That way each generation can dance the night away as much as little as they want.

Flexible catering options

Whilst catering itself brings with it the flexibility to do things at your own time and pace, it also takes time and effort for some (or all) of the family.  Choosing a villa within walking distance of some good restaurants will give you great alternatives.

Cooking in a luxury villa

In many villas, it is possible to book external catering for the length of your holiday or just for the occasional evening.

Activities To Enjoy Together

If any of your group have specific interests, you can choose a villa or location that allows them to enjoy activities together. Often, these activities can have cross-generational appeal which can lead to wonderfully memorable days out.

A game golf together, a kayaking or stand up paddleboard adventure, snorkelling, sailing or just a walk on the beach as a small group.  With the development of electric bikes, even mountain biking or cycling can be enjoyed together by a wide range of ages and abilities.

The range of activities on offer today is incredible and affordable, so be sure to check what is possible when you are choosing a villa.

Of course, there are many more positive reasons to bring the whole family together on a villa holiday but we’ve given you plenty to think about in the list above. If you’d like to chat to our team about the incredible villas we have available, why not call us for a no-obligation chat and we’ll give you a few suggestions.  Why not call our team and discuss your plans on 0800 988 5586

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