Protect Your Skin Against Harmful Rays

The truth about aftersun

September 27th, 2019 in Health & Wellbeing

When we make our plans for a sunny holiday, most of us have a bottle of aftersun high on the ‘must buy’ list.

Although awareness of the damage caused by UV rays has grown significantly over the last few years, dermatologists are concerned that we still misunderstand the role of aftersun.

Many sun bathers still believe that aftersun can reverse the damaging effect of the sun’s rays. But doctors want to holidaymakers to understand that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest this is true. Aftersun has no ‘repairing ‘effect’ or restorative qualities.

In reality, the sun’s rays cause damage by mutating the skins DNA. There is no way that a cream can reverse this damage.

Although aftersun can cool, moisturise and sooth your skin, It will NOT protect your from the effects of harmful rays and it will NOT reverse the effects of sun damage

To protect you skin effectively, Dermatologists strongly recommend that sun worshippers follow these simple guidelines:

  • Apply sunscreen on every day that you intend to be in the sun. Or may end up in the sun.

  • Make sure you apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.

  • Top up or reapply every two hours after that.

  • Always reapply after you have been in the water. Even if you are using water resistant sunscreen.

  • Don’t forget all the hard to reach and easy to forget areas like feet, ears, back of your neck etc.

  • Stay with the higher factor. Do not be tempted to use a lower SPF factor or to reduce the amount you apply as you start to tan.

  • Cover up or head for the shade during the hottest times of the day.

  • Apply lip balm with high factor sun protection.

  • Always used category 3 sunglasses which block out the harmful UV rays.