Travel Apps

Six Must-Use Travel Apps

These days there are countless apps on offer, all claiming to simplify your life and solve your day to day problems in one way or another. Often the reality is rather disappointing. Here we have listed a few apps that really do work. Apps that are truly useful when travelling. Check them out below.

Google Maps - A very handy villa holiday tool

Google Maps

Find your way from anywhere to anywhere. This incredible free app will get you around on foot or even in a hire car, saving you from expensive Sat-Nav hire fees. A must fall-back option for any traveller.

Kindle - better reading on your villa holiday

Kindle App

It seems the kindle has been succeeded by its own technology. “Why carry heavy books when you can carry a kindle has become ‘why carry a kindle when you can just download the app?”

Download this neat app onto your phone or tablet and hey presto! You are reading your favourite book wherever you go. And because words are not to ‘heavy’ on data, when you’ve finished, it is quick and remarkably cheap to download another.

Google Traslate - very useful villa holiday travel

Google Translate

As well the well-known type-and-translate feature, Google Translate also has an incredible offline and real-time translation function. Download the language you need in advance, then point the camera at any sign or notice that you need to translate and, as if by magic, the translated sign appears on the screen.

Tell Packpoint where you are going and when and it will take the climate into account and start to put together a customisable packing list for you. Check any additional activities and it will give you options to add gear to your list. A very intuitive app that can really ease you mind during the planning period as well as the packing process.

wifiMap - very hand app for a villa holiday


This super handy app allows you to find and connect to free wifi networks wherever you are. Very handy when you need to send a hefty email attachment or simply check things out at work.

Lounge Buddy - ideal when travelling to a villa

Lounge Buddy

If you don’t have access via any other method, LoungeBuddy allows you to buy an instant day-pass for many airport lounges directly from your phone. Which is always a better option than sitting on the only remaining space of a cold, hard tiled floor for several hours waiting for a delayed flight.