mosquitos in the medditeranean

How To Reduce The Risk Of Mosquito-Born Disease On Holiday

Diseases previously found only in the tropics have been discovered in European countries like Greece, France, Italy and Spain. A move that may concern those visiting Mediterranean beaches this summer.

The mosquito-borne disease include ‘Chikunguya’, a fever which causes fever and painful joints and ‘Dengue Fever’, a powerful flu-like virus. Whilst the risk of infection is still relatively low, travellers are being advised of the potential risk of mosquito bites and that they should take precautions to avoid them.

Here are a few simple tips to help you reduce the likelihood of mosquito bites whilst on your next holiday.

Avoidance of mosquito bites should always be considered the first line of defence against mosquito-borne infections.

There isn’t really a safe time

Different mosquitos bite at different times of the day. The mosquitos which spread malaria bite between dusk but the mostquitos which carry other diseases like Chikunguya and Dengue, tend to bite during the day.

Which means that bite-preventive measures are advisable at all times.

Insect Repellents

Although there are various insect repellents available , The NHS strongly recommend DEET N, N-Diethyl-m-tolumide above all others.

There are a few things to note about DEET.

  • A concentration of 20% DEET offers between 1 to 3 hours protection.
  • 30% DEET can offer up to 6 hours protection.
  • 50% DEET can offer up to 12 hours protection
  • Duration of protection DOES NOT increase with concentrations above 50%.
  • Concentrations above 50% should NOT be used on the skin
  • DEET is water soluble, so it must be reapplied after swimming
  • DEET induces a reduction in SPF, so a higher protection sunscreen should be used.
  • DEET should always be applied AFTER
  • DEET may damage man-made fibres, and plastics (watches, sunglasses, clothing).


Although they are not recommended above DEET by the NHS, Icaridin (Picaridin) and Lemon Eucalyptus (p-menthane 3,8 diol, or PMD) may be used but their protection is not considered as effective or long-lasting.


Mosquitos cannot bite through loose fitting clothing so clothing which covers the skin is highly recommended where appropriate. Longs sleeves, high necklines and long skirts or trousers where possible. Exposed areas of skin should be covered with DEET (20% or above).

It is possible to buy clothing which is pre-treated with an insecticide which may further increase the level of protection. UK Travel Clothing brands Rohan and Craghoppers both have dedicated ranges of anti-insect clothing.

Mosquito Nets

Mostquito nets can offer enhanced protection from bites, particularly whilst sleeping. These can be even more effective if treated with an insecticide. Design and manufacture of nets varies, so it is important to check suitability, practicality and portability before you invest. Most nets are available as single or double bed options.

Remember that whilst mosquitos cannot pass through a net, they can bite through it. So don’t sleep with any part of your skin touching the net.

Room Protection

Check any door and window screens for holes and gaps. Try to keep the doors and screens closed at all times, not just at night.
Air conditioning can be an effective deterrent. Mosquitos are less likely to be attracted to a the room if it is.
Make sure any standing water is removed as it provides that perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.
Citronella Candles and plugin insecticide-emitting devices may have a small effect as an insect deterrent but they should never be relied upon on their own. Great care should be taken using candles indoors and they should never be used anywhere near loose clothing, soft furnishings or a mosquito net.
It should also be noted that candles, coils and plugins maybe trigger the symptoms of Asthma or other breathing conditions.

A Few Myths Busted

Finally, here are a few common fallacies that you should know the truth about:

  • Vitamins B1 and B12: There is no evidence that these vitamins do anything to repel mosquitoes.
  • Tea Tree Oil: There is no evidence that Tea Tree Oil is effective as a mosquito repellent.
  • Garlic and yeast extract: Whether taken orally or rubbed on the skin, there is no scientific evidence to suggest these do anything to repel mosquitos.

High Frequency Buzzers: Devices that emit high frequency sound waves, are completely ineffective against mosquitos. In fact, numerous companies selling these devices have been prosecuted and fined under the trade descriptions act.

Love island villa

Your Invitation To Love Island

With the start of ITV’s hit show Love Island just a few weeks away, the lucky lads and ladies of this year’s series will be wondering what tricks the producers have up their sleeves for them this summer.

Fans of the show will be sure to remember the thrills and spills of the last two seasons when the fabulous rival villa Casa Amor was brought into play, bringing with it some memorable scenes and some of the series’ biggest and most controversial moments.

But this year the contestants might not be the only ones making memories in this exclusive Mallorcan Villa because guess what, Villa Retreats have it on our books for you to rent yourself!

You can stay at Love Island’s Casa Amor! The luxury villa that has been the star attraction on Love Island for the past two seasons is located in the picturesque village of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar and is the ultimate luxury Mallorca hideaway.

The exclusive villa can host up to eight guests, with four large en-suite bedrooms, so you won’t have to sleep next your housemates like they do on Love Island

Love Island Casa Amor villa

The luxury accommodation includes a beautiful swimming pool which you will no doubt recognise from the  TV show.  The exact spot where Jack realised ex-girlfriend Ellie would soon be joining him in the villa. The villa also features a gorgeous outdoor terrace which has been the site of many scandalous Love Island conversations.  The villa is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens,  with a BBQ and outdoor dining area.

Whilst you don’t see a great deal of the villa’s interior on the TV show, you will find a bright and airy lounge area with a gas flame fire, perfect if you too are planning to ignite a romantic spark.

The master bedroom has a twin balcony offering a breath-taking view over the of the surrounding  area. The villa is nested in a secluded area but there is easy access of some stunning local beaches.

Casa Amor Villa

To add an additional taste of luxury, you can also add on your own chef, a concierge, and various spa treatments.

This imposing villa makes an ideal choice for an upmarket holiday with friends. But don’t worry we won’t be sending in any unexpected ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends.

The villa costs from £4,572 per week and there is still availability for this summer. So if you think Casa Amor is somewhere you’d like to visit, send us an enquiry now

Find out more about Casa Amor

Check out all our villas in Mallorca

Luxury Villa In Mallorca

Finca Son Salas

A beautifully restored 17th century farmhouse situated in the heart of its own 50 acre estate in the beautiful Soller Valley on Mallorca’s spectacular west coast. The house is built around a cobblestone courtyard and has a wealth of original features which have been sympathetically presented and combined with modern comforts. A truly special villa rental retreat to unwind at any time of the year.

Watch the video

Find out more about this unique luxury villa here


Casa Amor Terrace

You Can Stay at Love Island’s Famous Casa Amor with Villa Retreats

The Love Island boys have now vacated Casa Amor and guess what, we have it on our books for you to rent.

That’s right, you can stay at Love Island’s Casa Amor with Villa Retreats. The luxury villa that has been the star of Love Island for the past week is located in the picturesque village of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar in Mallorca.

Love Island Casa Amor villa

The spacious villa can host up to 8 guests, and unlike the sleeping situation on Love Island, there are 4 large en-suite bedrooms throughout the property, so you won’t have to bunk up next to all of your housemates, or sleep outside a la Jack.

The fabulous accommodation includes a sparkling blue pool which you’re sure to recognise from the show, it was after all the spot in which Jack realised his ex-girlfriend Ellie would be joining him in the villa. The property also features a spacious outdoor terrace (which has been privy to many scandalous Love Island chats), beautiful landscaped garden, and a BBQ area for dining al fresco.

While you don’t see much of the villa’s interior on the show, indoors you will find a bright and airy lounge with mood lighting and a gas flame fire, perfect if you too are hoping to ignite a romantic spark in the villa – if only someone had told unlucky in love Dr Alex.

The designer kitchen features all of the cooking amenities you could need, and the property is artistic and modern in its décor throughout.

The master bedroom upstairs also has a twin balcony offering a scenic view over the property and the surrounding greenery. The villa is privately located in a secluded location but is within easy access of the stunning nearby beaches.

Casa Amor Villa

For an extra splash of luxury, you can also add on a private chef, a concierge, and spa treatments, plus plenty of other special touches.

This spectacular property is an ideal choice for an incredible holiday with friends, and don’t worry we won’t be sending in any unexpected visitors to spoil your fun.

And yes, we did change the sheets since that raunchy lot left!

The villa costs from £4,572 per week and we still have availability for this summer. So if you think Casa Amor is your type on paper, you can book your Love Island stay with us by sending an enquiry online.

Come Together & Celebrate in Style with Villa Retreats

So you’ve decided on a location and you’ve finally got everyone to agree on a date (completing that task in itself usually deserves a holiday!), now it’s time to decide how to make your celebratory get -together so spectacular that your fellow celebrators will be celebrating your own organising brilliance for years to come!


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Exciting summer deals to make luxury Mallorca stays even better value

The largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, Mallorca remains popular with millions of holidaymakers seeking sunny beaches, awe-inspiring landscapes and delicious food. Villa Retreats maintain many villas from which these attractions can be enjoyed, and these villas can provide even greater value than usual this summer, thanks to a range of exciting – but, we stress, limited – offers.


If this news has piqued your interest, then consider the huge discounts that we are offering for one of our luxury villas in Mallorca that overlooks the Cala in Deia. From this stone house of modern build, you are merely a short walk away from a beach cove and fish restaurants. Book any July or August stay in this villa, and you will weekly pay £1,250 less than the usual online price.


There’s an even larger discount for rental of a week-long stay in this rural retreat near Campanet in the north of the island. You can look forward to high quality furnishing and fitting here, and also a 25% discount provided that your booked arrival at the villa will be on 22 August.


Large group? We have the perfect deal for you…

We are also offering a 25% discount for this villa at Andratx Portals. The offer is certainly worth considering if you want to take a large group with you to Mallorca’s south-western coast for a stay lasting from 22 August until 5 September, as the retreat has seven bedrooms and affords sumptuous views of the sea and mountains from its hill location.

The Adventurer’s Guide to Discovering Mallorca

Ah, Mallorca. From its stunning landscape vistas to its rich heritage, this Mediterranean paradise really has it all. But once you’re done soaking up that glorious sun and seeing all the sights the island has to offer, you may start craving a little adventure. After all, holidays are all about new experiences, and Mallorca offers that in spades. Follow in the footsteps of these great adventurers, and see Mallorca from a new angle with our handy guide.

Cliff Jumping

Get your heart racing as you take a dive off the edge of Mallorca’s rugged, coastal cliffs. There’s nothing so nerve-shredding as the apparent free-fall before making a splash into the island’s clear blue waters. A highly trained instructor can help you master your technique and ensure that you’€™re only jumping from safe heights. Even with the right precautions,  cliff jumping definitely isn’t for the faint of heart!

Rock Climbing

If you’re seeing Mallorca from a whole new angle, rock climbing is where it’s at. Those rugged cliffs aren’t just for jumping off; if you’re feeling seriously adventurous and have a head for heights you can ascend tons of Mallorca’s many outstanding cliffs and mountains, which are tailor-made for rock climbing. Just strap on those harnesses, and show the world what you’re made of. And once you make it to the top, there’s a breath-taking view just waiting for you to enjoy.



There is another way to discover Mallorca;€“ Caving. Leave those show caves for the everyday tourists and journey deep into the bowels of the real Mallorca. Beneath the island are a network of awesomely sculpted caves which have been around for a millennia. And they’re just waiting for you to start climbing, crawling and exploring. From the narrow trails to the vast, you’ll want to see it and experience it to believe it.


If you want to seriously get the adrenaline pumping, you’ll want to try canyoning. Mallorca is, after all, home to some of the best canyons in the world, including Sa Fosca, which means ‘Darkness’, it’s the grandest canyon of them all. Canyoning is the king of adventure sports, as you hike over the mountainous landscape, leap through rock chutes, swim across deep-water gullies and abseil down waterfalls as you descend the canyon trail.