Look no further for a remarkable setting for your celebration

Every now and then, we all have something to celebrate, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special event – and when you do, wouldn’t you prefer a more sophisticated alternative to the usual party at home, work or local hotel?

Of course you would, which is something that we have anticipated here at Villa Retreats with our selection of villas that are perfectly suited for such an occasion.


When you are looking for a villa at which to hold a celebratory event, your priorities will doubtless be different than if you were simply seeking somewhere to stay for a relaxing break. Sure, there are certain things that might remain the same – you may still desire the most spectacular sea and/or scenic views, together with all the comforts of air-conditioning, heated pool, games room and even tennis court.


But we also know that if you are holding an event at which others are set to be in attendance, you will want to give them all of the conveniences, amenities and atmosphere that they will expect. Remember that your guests may have travelled a very long way to join you, so what they are greeted with on arrival really ought to be spectacular.


That’s why we have assembled a selection of luxury villas that really are ‘dressed to impress’ on celebratory occasions. You may be seeking a Koh Samui villa to rent that offers amazing sea views and a home entertainment system. Or perhaps a spacious three-bedroom house in Mallorca in close proximity to Deia’s fine restaurants would be of greater appeal?


We can also offer the likes of exquisite Portuguese hillside villas, Greek island mansions and even, in our famed ‘Posh Pads’ range, a magnificent 15th century villa in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy. With its two large lounge and drawing room areas, formal dining room and terraces with soft furnishings, it’s just one more of our many distinguished properties that are especially well-suited to even the most prestigious and demanding celebratory events.


With our celebration villas boasting food preparation, chef service and other concierge facilities, giving guests the freedom to party right through the night and usually being situated close to other houses and hotels for overnight stays, you really will find no better range of such properties than those that we advertise here at Villa Retreats. Take a look now at our current celebration villas selection to see the amazing properties at which you could be holding your next brilliant event.