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A luxury villla makes the perfect place to celebrate

Ten Great Reasons To Celebrate The Big Occasion On A Villa Holiday

Whatever the occasion, whether it is a wedding, engagement party, a significant birthday, anniversary, retirement or any other family celebration, organisation can be a huge and committing process. And one that can bring with it an equally large amount of complexity and anxiety.
Increasing numbers of families, couples, groups of friends, and work colleagues are choosing to celebrate on holiday. Here are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to jet off to the sunshine for your big occasion.

1. Beauty & Romance

What’s more romantic than watching the sun going down on a beautiful, secluded beach or a leafy hilltop retreat? Whether you are in a small party or part of a larger group, with your closest friends and family around you, romance and beauty will always shine through in an iconic location, making things even more memorable.

2. Better Weather

Everyone yearns for the perfect blue-sky day for their big party or celebration, but let’s face it, even in the UK’s summer, the weather is just one big roll of the dice. Heading off to a warm, exotic location will give you the best possible chance of perfect conditions on the big day.

3. Stress Reduction

Committing to a far-flung destination for your gathering can free you from many of the pressures the big day brings. You will be on holiday, in a beautiful destination, relaxing in a luxury villa whilst you make your final plans. And of course, you won’t be anxiously scanning the daily weather forecast either.

4. Cost Comparison

Compared to the same level of luxury in the UK, the price of decadence is often significantly lower in remote locations. Catering, food and drink is usually far more affordable and accessible. You’ll also be enjoying several days away for your money and spending much more quality time with loved ones.
You could also consider maximising value by renting for a two week period and inviting two separate groups of friends or relatives, one for the first week and the other for the second week.

5. Fewer People – Fewer Complications

When you decide to celebrate abroad, there will always be a limit to the number of people you can invite. It is the perfect excuse to keep things simple by only inviting very close friends and family. That will instantly distil your guestlist for the event down to the absolute best. So you may reduce both money spent and hassle.

You can always throw a less extravagant party for the others when you arrive home.

6. Timescale

Often celebrations and events can be arranged quicker in holiday destinations and as the whole day will be smaller and easier to manage. Holiday destinations are geared up for hospitality and entertainment, so there’s should be no shortage of facilities, staff, food or drink.

A beautiful villa holiday to remember

7. A Special Place To Remember

A special day creates a permanent connection with a location for all of you. One that you can return to long into the future to rekindle the same emotions and remember special times and great memories together, long into the future.

8. A Special Place Remembered

You may choose to celebrate in a location which has special significance to you and your family. A place that you already have a deep connection with. A country or area that a parent or relative had a strong connection with or one which means a great deal to you for many other reasons.

9. Culture

Free from the cultural, religious and social norms, you will be able to create the function that you really want. A blend of local customs and your own tastes.  Getting away from the pressure and expectation of the big event can be truly liberating. A smaller celebration with only close friends and family, means you can really do it your own way.

A beautiful villa holiday to remember

10. Amazing Photographs

Photos taken on a sunny beach or clifftop beauty spot don’t come much better. Iconic locations provide iconic images, so you should all head home with the most memorable and striking photo albums tucked under your arm.

At villa retreats, we have a portfolio of luxury villas that are perfect for your birthday, anniversary, retirement party, wedding celebration or honeymoon. We’re also happy to talk to you about your plans and to put you directly in touch with highly recommended local companies and suppliers who can help to make every aspect of your big day absolutely perfect.

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